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Sara K. James

A Virtual Reality Film Is Being Made to Put Viewers Directly Into the Star Wars Universe

With the good news that the Star Wars Tatooine VR experience is officially releasing Monday comes more good new — a VR feature film centered around Darth Vader is in currently in the works. The project will be taken on by Industrial Light & Magic VFX Studio’s VR branch xLab, writer David S. Goyer, and Lucasfilm creative executive Pablo Hidalgo who’s previously worked on Nolan’s Batman.

The final product will be an original story set in the Star Wars universe, which viewers will not be able to take in passively. Rather, the viewer will be part of the experience, allowing for much deeper impact. According to Goyer: ““You are the visitor in this story that is happening in and around you, and to a certain extent you might even have some effect on [it]…You can pick up things, you can open things. You can push things, you can walk. You can touch characters.” The film will also function in a realistic frame of time, with full cycling days and nights, which will continue even when you leave. No expected completion date has been set however Goyer also said ”I’m really, really excited for a year or two, whenever it happens, and you guys get to experience what we’re working on…It’s pretty mindblowing.”